little orange puppy 2

Farmer Boy

Sailor Elephant

Little green puppy

Big yellow bird

Bear in striped pj's

​Baggy Cat

 ​Little tan bear

"Kira" Kangaroo:made by e  pattern by Lalylala 

Fluffy puppy

​​​Tall Red Fox

Fiesta Bear

Cuddle me raccoon

Foxes-$100 each or both for $175

"​FIBI" Fox: Made by me pattern by Lalylala  

​​Little lt blue puppy

Tan Bear in blue

Uncle Sam bear

Nubby brown bear

​Brown puppy In white/black 

Cuddle me Cow

Mr Pig

Rust Puppy

little green bunny

Yellow Puppy


Dragon Daan: made by me  pattern by Dots & Hook 

Bunny Family - $200

Ms Pig

purple hair fairy

Little white puppy 

Little Purple & gold man

Big Owl

​​"Dirk" Dagon " made by e  pattern by Lalylala 

lt purple puppy 


Blue Royal Cat

gray bear in multi Dress

"Roco" Racoon: made by me  pattern by Lalylala 

Cuddle me elephant

​Hello Kitty

Pink Rabbit

 ​Little grey bear

​Critters I have on hand The crochet critters on this page are ones that I currently have on hand. The small ones (red text)are yours for a $30 donation; the middle size ones (blue text) are yours for a $60 donation and the FLOOZIES and large or more complex ones (green text) ​are yours for a $100 or more donation.